Thursday, 18 October 2012

Painting by numbers...

... well not really, just couldn't' think of another title to describe this.

 Hope your all well.
Just incase you ever wondered about how my paintings come together from being a painter yourself, or just generally interested heres a step by step process of how this one went. I will try not to waffle on to much.
Sometime in June i think.
 Heres the first sketch, quite like the idea but doesn't really show whats been in my head for the past month
Week after.
 Better, has more realism in the face. Note to self: need to go back to drawing school. Spent so long just rushing sketches out kind of forgot that I'm really not that good at it.
15th June.
 Getting first colours down, needs to be darker choice of pallet. Happiness in paintings another achilles heel.
22nd June.
 Better. Not much else to say here
Some time in July. Forgot to note it.
 Bit of Chair work, trying to dig in with the pallet knife to create carved wood finish. The flowers need sorting out they don't look very natural
17th Aug.
 Nice to get back into it after life in the way intermission. Lot happier now, used c.d front cover from Mark Lannegan Bands Blues Funeral as Reference. Love the 'GraveDiggers Song' track on that, creates funny pictures in my head. Also added a hint of wallpaper print at the back which compliments the venetian chair (well i think so)
Nearly a month off ,7th Sept.
 Too long off, got to finish this. Created shadow on her right hand side, also you may of noticed her friend she's clutching has changed from the sketch, feels better to me. Adding second layer of paint to girl (think we will call her Sally). Will cut back lighter and highlight to a finish next time.
13th Sept.
 As you can see a bit of a dramatic change. Added more shadow. Major appliance of paint to Sally and her friend. May of been better to leave it and add another layer in the future but quite like the idea of having a bit of texture on the face, one of the reasons i love oil paint so much. Once dry i will hide it away out of site and wonder how to finish it.
18th Oct.
Wanted the skin colour to fit in with the rest of the scene and the general mood i was trying to communicate .After three glazes i think this is done. Been taken off my camera phone so apologies if the quality is a bit naff. Cheers for reading

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