Sunday, 10 February 2013

Christopher and the Crab


Im pleased to announce that as of now a illustrated children's story of mine is available to purchase on the online shop that has everything; Amazon. The story is called Christopher and the Crab which is illustrated by myself and written by Alison Molyneux. Its quite nice to have this released as this was first a story started for my final major project at uni three years ago and problems with a different publisher meant at one point that this may never have saw the light of day. So thank you Story Meadows Books.

Also available soon will be the re-release of the 'Thud in the Wood' previously released in 2010, once again written by Alison.

Here below are some pictures of Christopher and the Crab. I often find these more appealing to look at than words. Click these words to be taken to the books page on Amazon


  1. Ah awesome work Dan! I remember seeing your work on this at Uni; I'll head over to Amazon and pick up a copy now :)

  2. Ill be getting a copy very soon pal ;) x