Wednesday, 18 April 2012

When the Tide Draws Away

I said i would be back soon so here i am.

Another piece of work being exhibited at the upcoming show has been inspired by a trip to a beautiful part of the U.K (yes, there are some) me and my girlfriend made last year, to witness good friends of ours getting married in St Ives in Cornwall.

During the holiday i thought it would be good idea to take my girlfriend on a journey around the various rock pools scattered around the edge of the beach when the tide drew in. Trying to impress her with my limited marine knowledge i tried to find crabs or any sea creatures of note, by the end of my stubborn pursuit i had found naff all and felt a tad embarrassed.

This poor attempt has since been added to my list of uselessness of things im tragic at such as driving, putting up shelves, winning your girlfriend a teddy at the fair and generally other boyfriend/dominant male stuff.

So i went back to the drawing board and decided to do what i do best and just paint some instead.

So here you go heres loads of them, perhaps i should of gone out at dawn....


This as well as Mr Malky and a couple of one off prints will be avaliable to view or purchase at the Brick Lane Gallery in Shoreditch from May 9th until the 21st.

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