Sunday, 3 March 2013

Back to The Drawing Board


Some people may know this person below, some people may not. Some people may know the person but cant recognise him through this portrait which means i have done a bad job.

To be honest i couldn't tell what sort of job i've done on it at all anymore. Staring at this painting, looking at it from different angles until the image and colour blur and muddle in my head and staring at the poor victim who has posed for this until his flesh resembled hints of olive green, purples, blues and raw umber oil paint colours have left me inconclusive as to whether this is any good or just a load of old tosh.

I can safely say that this has been the most humbling experience for me as an artist. Approaching this with either arrogance, naivety or perhaps both i thought i would be able to do a sterling job ( It is actually a submission for the National Portrait Awards).  During the process it was apparent that i still have a great deal to learn and the past seven years of sacrificing so much for my practice may have to come to an end. But these could all just be ramblings on how im feeling at the moment.... so maybe onwards and upwards or errrmm maybe not.