Sunday, 8 January 2012

Evan Benedict the Egg Hunter

Hello again.

Heres a painting that has taken me a couple of months to get right, looks finished to me after looking at it for the past week or so so i thought id share it.
The Evan name is inspired from the new member of my girlfriends family making her an auntie for the first time, though since hes only a few months old he wont be hunting for eggs any time soon, not even this coming easter.

At first i found it a tad tricky to find how i wanted the eggs to look but it sort of came to me when i sort of zoned out for a second looking at one of the doors in my house. All the knots in the wood started to look like faces which gave me sort of eureka moment.

Heres an image so you see what i mean and also by showing this proves that im not a disturbed individual.

And here it is...

At the same time another Mr Malky image has been completed. Wont waffle on about this one to much all i will say is that them trees took ages!

To end heres a tune that was the final track on Fabric's latest combination mixed by Visionquest.Its called the song with no ending by wildcookie.I imagine some of you may find the title fitting if youre still reading this...