Monday, 27 June 2011

Mr Malky on the platform

Hello again

As of the beginning of next week and for the following two after Mr Dan and Mr Malky will be able to be seen on a poster at Liverpool St Platform in Central London.

As you can see they both have changed a bit for a couple of reasons; one being that in the story (if your new to this the intention is this to be a picture book)they both start younger than what you have previously seen, secondly (which keeps happening at the moment) my painting keeps improving which in one way is good but is also a tad annoying as i then look at all my old pieces and think there shocking. This means i then have to go back and change them all which is what you can see below.

These are the only two that i think are good enough to keep, the others i have to redo. You never know at this rate i may be able to get it done by 2025, fingers crossed ay;)...*

*Probably not the best thing to say as im still in the hunt for a publisher but hey ho

Well if you made it this far i still have your attention so instead of rewarding you with a Blue Peter badge i thought id through some music your way. The group are called Three Trapped Tigers who i think are pretty ace.
The video is from a Japanese kids show called Kure Kure Takora which after watching a few on you tube is the biggest mind job and makes your worryings on the affect teletubbies might have on your children (if you have any that is) not seem too bad. I love it, enjoy.