Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Just before it gets tropical

Dont post any for a while and then you get two in a short space of time, bit like buses (according to my nan).

Got to the stage where at the moment i think i have finished this which has been a long time coming.At the moment feels quite relieving since i started it in november. It has been a proper pol-lava. Was getting worried that the wintery image was going to melt as the weathers started get a bit warmer of late, must of changed the colour scheme about 10 times till i got to this...

Then after a hell of a lot of reflection decided it still sucked because it was a bit to bland. The narrative of the piece is trying to explain Mr Dan's paranoid state to the point of where he doesn't know if what he is seeing is real, so the little blue people became rocks that looked like them and Mr Malky grew devilish horns. If they are actually there or not i guess you would have to ask him.
It therefore changed to this...

All these images of late; and what i have planned will link up into a story documenting Dan and Mr Malky's travels, so the plan is to have this published. As its personal work and im quite a busy chap at the moment getting to a completed stage on this (and the fact that i keep changing them) is quite far away. The time some of these take to do i may be quite old and dusty by then. May have to hold some of these back from being blogged, dont want to give it all away now do i?

The portraits will probably keep coming, that is if my family can keep putting up with being insulted through paint on a piece of canvas.