Monday, 8 November 2010

Champagne ideas on a Coca Cola budget..

Hi Again

Mr Malky the Marshmallow man has been on my mind for quite a while recentley, so i decided to paint him again.

The picture is kind of in tandem with his recent outing beforehand where he was floating in the sea, this time i have chose to paint him and myself in an ice cave, had a thing about painitng arctic conditions for quite a while now. Think it has something to do with the isolation i can think i suffer from due to my warped sense of reality compared to other everyday Heart fm listening folk.
Could also be something to do with the bubble i often find myself in when it comes to painting which im finding has a tendancy to alienate me from others. But hey im no psychiatrist so your more than welcome to make your own mind up.

Because of the pleasing results i thought this brought i didn't think the first image i painted a while ago was up to scratch. So i touched it up slighty...

I thought it would be good to have smoke coming out of his eyes to get across the point a bit better that he was cooking up. I mean if you were a giant marshmallow only used to arctic conditions you'd be hot to right?

Both pieces are being exhibited at the Beaux- Arts Salon,SNBA 2010, La Louvre, Paris,which is between the 16th and 19th of Dec. Though i was pleased to be headhunted to be represented the entry fee for this was a sodding fortune hence the explanation of my title. Think i may have to sell a kidney, though i dont think im going to get for it considering all the abuse its had over the years.