Thursday, 7 October 2010

Rise of the Peties

After my painting of me and 'Mr Malky' the past few months have seen some defining developments for Mr Dan.

My painting approach has altered pretty dramatically with glazes being a thing of a past, also i have finally decided to ditch the more gothic approach.Id rather the narrative be a little more hidden to be honest nowadays, don't really want everyone thinking im too disturbed a character, otherwise i may get a knock on the door from people holding a restraining white coat wanting to take me to a padded room.

In case your wondering what the bloody hell peties are, they are a type of penguin, (though i doubt David Attenborough will be narrating over there existence any time soon). penguins are my favourite creatures, i think there ace. I have always wanted to paint one but i didn't think i would do them the justice they deserve, though pondering this i thought what would it be like if they had fruit pastilles for eyes (you know, as you do)...

...So i did it.

Quite pleased with the result, enjoying the results that my more expensive, high quality pigment oils are creating, though one problem is that now I'm becoming a bit of a paint snob, I'm now not buying any pigment that's below a series 2.

It was recentley exhibited at the Islington Contemporary Art and Design fair and is now on its way to Italy at the Primo gallery as part of there Cuore Pop/Pop Heart exhibit on the 06-25 November which im quite pleased about. Mr Dan's now going to need some travel insurance...