Sunday, 27 June 2010

The fading narrative mual

Heres a video created by Me and a artist called Tom Calnan a while back for a show at Volte galleries in Wolverhampton. The collaborative piece is called 'Drip therapy' which is a pretty fitting title when you see how its constructed.


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Getting the ball rolling

Greetings, howdy and welcome.

This blog is basically going to be about my two conflicting sides of work that i have been stubbornly pursuing since i contracted the painting bug a few years ago.
One of these is a relentless art therapy pursuit, documenting stuff about myself through images of a little guy called 'Mr Mekha', the flipside is portrait studies under the alias of 'Mr Khema'. Archives of my work can be viewed on my site which should give you a better clue of what im on about.

There may also be other stuff on here that makes me tick depending if i get over a small amount of readers that seem interested, (thats it dan, dream big son) which will be put on in the foreseeable future.

Will have to warn you that my literacy is not my strong point so sometimes what im trying to explain may sound like jibberish.

Nice, we may bump into each other again.